Benefiting the H*Art Gallery in 2018


A benefit for the Homeless and other Forgotten members of our community building self esteem through art and benefitting other non-profits in our community. 

About H*Art Gallery: 

H*Art Gallery is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit based in Chattanooga that provides outreach to other non-profits in the community. H*Art offers weekly community-based art classes where they take art materials, volunteers and staff to resource agencies that can provide class space for their clients. Using art as a therapy, recipients are able to build self-esteem and create a sense of self worth by creating something and receiving positive feedback on their efforts. In some cases, just the opportunity to get things out of their heads and onto paper can be very therapeutic. 

H*Art started in 2010 when they began offering community art classes at the Community Kitchen. They quickly expanded programming to include other underserved populations.  With the addition of an art therapist on staff in 2013 H*Art now offers art expression classes for particular populations that include case managers, care givers, and others in stressful jobs to help them fill their own “tanks”. 

Since its inception, H*Art Gallery has logged over 5700 hours of volunteer time and provided outreach services to over 17,000 individuals. Working with over 20 local non-profits, H*Art Gallery has been able to provide hope and opportunity to many underserved in our community including the homeless, battered women and children, those with right brain/left brain injuries, disabled veterans, transplanted political refugees, autistic children and adults, and other mentally and physically challenged persons. 

H*Art Gallery itself is a means of showcasing and allowing the very talented to have an opportunity to sell their art for their benefit. When art sells at H*Art, the artist receives 60% of the proceeds, the artist donates another 10% of the sale to their designated charity and the remaining 30% is kept by H*Art to offset overhead and purchase art supplies to give back to the individual artists. 

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